Various complaints occur since the beginning of pregnancy, one of them is a headache. Want to take medicine, but fear of being unsafe for pregnancy. Check the following safe and unsafe medicine first.

Headaches or migraines are complaints experienced by about 90% of pregnant women, especially those who are first pregnant. The cause is none other than changes in hormone levels, stress or depression.

Causes of headaches during pregnancy

During the first trimester, your body will experience a surge in hormone production and a drastic increase in blood volume. Both of these changes can often cause headaches when pregnant. This headache can be even worse if there are conditions below:

– Lack of sleep

– Low blood sugar

– Dehydration

– Caffeine consumption

– Stress (because of many changes)

Women who experience headaches like ordinary migraines may recur more often during pregnancy. However, some women may not experience headaches like this.

In the third trimester of pregnancy, the cause of headaches is usually caused by the reduced quality of sleep due to the size of the stomach which is getting bigger.

Safe medicine: Paracetamol

You can buy the drug at drug stores, pharmacies or Online Pharmacy that can also receive consultations and provide advice on the right medicine for you.

Unsafe medicine:

Codeine, because it risks causing defects or abnormalities in the fetus.

Aspirin. Even though so far there have been no reports of fetal malformations, it has been proven that aspirin can interfere with the stages of fetal liver development.

Ibuprofen, at risk of causing interference with the process of fetal liver formation.

Alternative therapy:

Walk regularly in the open air with clean and fresh air.

Rest, for example, a nap with both eyes closed with a cloth dipped in ice water or a cold eye patch.

Massage your head to the neck and shoulders gently. Ask your partner to do it.

Try first headache/migraine treatment with alternative therapies. If a headache is not treated with these methods, then you are taking a safe drug for pregnancy.